Laser  Light  Water  Computer  Music  Artist Karl Zech
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Born   in   Klagenfurt, Austria,   Mr.   Zech   visited   a   lot   of      countries   in the   world.   Family   -   widowed,   two   children.   Technician,   Soft-   and Hardware    designer,    development,    computer    artist.    painting, printing,    sculpture,    laser-sculpture,    water-sculpture,    computer music, web-promotion.   Biography Karl   Zech   began   the   art   career   with   an   age   of   13   years   in   wood sculpture,   and   studied   in   Austria,   France   and   Asia   (China   and India).   The   work   is   lively,   bright   and   covers   a   wide   variety   of subjects   form   natural   painting   including:   landscapes,   still   life, portraits,   buildings,   interiors.   The   expression   of   colors   was   its peculiar    theme.    The    new    way    in    Zech    art,    Laser-Light- Sculptures and Space-Art. Beginning    of    1980    he    discovered    the    Laser    light    as    new expression     form.     Until     today     became     this     Medium     light perfected, with computer and his own Hard- and Software. The   last   30   years,   he   created   more   as   4500,   pictures,   prints, sculptures and sound compositions.